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This big cat fun website is dedicated to all the big cats, supporters, staff and volunteers, at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. The purpose of this website is tri-fold. 1) To promote and drive traffic to Big Cat Rescue’s main websites 2) To share the cats with you and your family through photos, free games, free big cat desktop wallpapers, free screensavers, free big cat jigsaw puzzles, free big cat eCards, free crafts and learning materials. 3) To teach kids about animals and how they can make a difference for animals. We hope you will enjoy the big cat freebies on this site.


Free World Animal Day Screensaver

Celebrate World Animal Day 2015 by enjoying a free screensaver featuring 32 big and little cat photos from Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. CLICK HERE to see the photos and get the free screensaver

Get a free screensaver to celebrate World Animal Day 2015. This photo of Mickey Cougar making a funny face is one of the 32 big cat photos in the free screensaver.

Free Big Cat Books

Big Cat Rescue has begun publishing 1) iBooks for iPad on iTunes, 2) Kindle books on Amazon, and 3) PDF ebooks.  Most of them are free.  All of them have photos of the cats who call Big Cat Rescue home.  We hope you enjoy this new venture and will share the books, and this link, with your family and friends.  We will continue to add more books so be sure to bookmark the link.  Any feedback from you on this new project would be greatly appreciated. CLICK HERE to see all of our FREE BOOKS

Free children's book about lions and tigers. Free book about Big Cat Rescue Free book about big cat attacks Free book about Sand cats


While you are here, please check out our updated Flash Games Gallery.  Check out our free printables for your family to enjoy.  There is even a free Child ID Safety Kit for your family. After you surf and play here, please drop by Big Cat Rescue’s main website BigCatRescue.org and check out the bios of the cats and learn what you can do to make a difference in the efforts to save big cats in the wild.

Enjoy making your own Personalized Big Cat Bookmarks.  You can even download free programs to make your child’s Personalized Trading Valentines for their classroom (no more having to mountains of time writing on your child’s class trading Valentines)

This site is a work on progress and will continue to grow year round. We are constantly adding new things and new holiday goodies, as well.  So, please bookmark and come back often. It you have a website or social network profile we would greatly appreciate it if you would post a link to us.

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