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Kids Christmas Craft – Make PURR-sonalized Bookmarks and Ornaments – African Serval

This is a mini Windows PC software program for kids to make bookmarks as gifts and/or Christmas Tree ornaments with African Serval cat photos and and decorate them by dragging and dropping Christmas clipart onto the serval photos then printing them.  They can even add in a text message that will print on their bookmark. […]

Write A Letter To Santa

Children enjoy writing letters to Santa.  Here is some fun stationery you can print for your wee ones to write their letters on. Click on the small photo below to get the full 8″ x 10″ sheet to print.                                                                FUN THOUGHT: You should put the letters up and then give them to your child when […]

Newsletter Gifts March 2016

Newsletter Gifts March 2016 This page has info and goodies especially for the March Advocat Newsletter Readers.  Be sure to bookmark this newsletter so you can find this page again.  Please share the links with your friends and family, too. | Previous Months | March 2016 Newsletter | March 2016 Goodies | Facebook | | FREE Big Cat Books | […]

Cub Petting Kills

Cub Petting Kills On this page we have pulled together info to help you understand why the cub petting schemes are one of the root causes of big cat abuse.  Please, educate yourself and everyone you know. The problem of big cat abuse is so wide spread and large that sanctuaries cannot rescue the problem […]