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Big Cat Care, How To Start A Sanctuary

Big Cat Care Book Cover FREE BOOK about taking care of big cats and how to start a sanctuaryBig Cat Rescue has evolved since its inception in 1992. By 1997 we had seen enough of the abuse and abandonment caused by the pet trade that we hadpreviously engaged in to know that there was no reason to breed exotic animals for lives in cages. As a result we increased our efforts through spaying, neutering and cage building to ensure that we would no longer be a part of the problem. As we have continued to learn about the causes of so much suffering we have become active in stopping the exotic pet trade through education and legislation.

This book is provided for those running a sanctuary who want to learn from our experience, or for those who have already made the mistake of supporting the pet trade so that the animal in your care does not suffer even more after being ripped from his mother. With more than 30 years experience, with every sort of exotic cat, I can assure you that there is nothing you can do to raise up an exotic cat to be a house pet.  It just isn’t possible.  No matter how young you neuter or spay the cats, both male and female, ALWAYS spray when they become adults.

The suggestions in this book are for those who are starting sanctuaries so that you don’t become another one of the 98% who kill their exotic animals in the first two years due to a lack of knowledge.

NOTE: We are in the process of breaking this very large book down into smaller books in a series.  When that is complete we will re-release it as PDF, and Kindle, but for now it is only available in iBooks format. Get the iBook FREE for iPad from iTunes

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Apple versions and the PDF versions are free.  However, Amazon does not allow us to offer them free for Kindle in the Amazon store unless we agree to offer them no where else at all.  They set a price that is determined by file size.  We do not mark up those prices but set them at the lowest price Amazon allows for each book’s file size.  Amazon has been price matching some of the books to the free price on iTunes, but you have to ask them to. Currently Amazon has several of the Kindle books as free and we are working on trying to get them all free on Amazon.

Big Cat Rescue has begun publishing iBooks for iPad/iPhone on iTunes and on Amazon for the Kindle.  Some of them are free.  All of them have photos of the cats who call Big Cat Rescue home.  We hope you enjoy this new venture and will share the books, and this link, with your family and friends.  We will continue to add more books to this collection throughout 2016.  Any feedback from you on this new project would be greatly appreciated.

Leopard – Jumanji


Meet Jumanji by reading about things he likes.  Enjoy lots of photographs of Jumanji and other big cats at Big Cat Rescue.  Learn about Enrichment and see photos and videos of the cats. Learn about Big Cat Rescue, what we do, how we got started, how we keep records on the cats, and research projects we participate in.

209 Pages – Released February 2016

Available for: iPad, iPhone, Kindle, & PDF for Mac & PC

A Leopard Named Armani


Meet Armani by reading about things she likes.  Enjoy lots of photographs of Armani and other big cats at Big Cat Rescue.  Learn about Enrichment and see photos and videos of the cats. Learn about Big Cat Rescue, what we do, how we got started, how we keep records on the cats, and research projects we participate in.

197 Pages – Released February 2016

Available for: iPad, iPhone, Kindle, & PDF for Mac & PC

Meet the Cats – “Shaquille, Shattered Dreams”

Free book about a black leopard named Shaquille

What does a leopard dream of?

Shaquille’s life was nightmare until he came to spend his last years at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa. Shaq arrived at Big Cat Rescue on 3/4/96. He was retired from a nightclub act in Las Vegas.  He arrived with a cougar whose face and head had been so severely beaten that she arrived with an infection in her brain from the open wounds and has since died.

We were told that Shaq’s former owner beat him to the point that the skull around his eyes has been so badly damaged that the eyelids roll in, causing his eyes to tear a lot.  Perhaps they are tears for all of his kindred spirits who are still made to perform for man’s entertainment.

Although Shaquille had been through a nightmare, he did enjoy his peaceful years of retirement.  He certainly left an impression on everyone who met him.

Updated January 2016

Available for: iPad, iPhone, Kindle, & PDF for Mac & PC

Species Spotlight – Caracal Lynx (Featuring Rusty & Sassy)


Also Know As Desert Lynx, Persian Lynx. Learn all about Caracal Lynx and enjoy LOTS of photos of Caracals including Rusty and Sassy of Big Cat Rescue.

This book is currently available as an iBook and as a PDF.  It has been submitted to Amazon for Kindle, but has not yet gone live in the Amazon store.

Released January 2016

Available for: iPad, iPhone, Kindle, & PDF for Mac & PC

Important Issues – Common Myths That Fuel the Cruel Big Cat Selfie Trade and How YOU Can Avoid Them

FREE BOOK to learn about baby lion and tiger cubs

Did you know that big cats and cubs are exploited and even abused at tourist attractions here in the U.S. and in dozens of countries around the world?

Breeders who charge the public to pet and take photos with young tiger cubs tell venues and customers some or all of the most atrocious lies.

Learn what those lies are and how YOU can avoid falling victim to their schemes.

Released December 2015

Available for: iPad, iPhone, Kindle, & PDF for Mac & PC

The Bobcats of Big Cat Rescue

Free Book "Bobcats of Big Cat Rescue"

(Update coming soon) Meet the bobcats that call Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida home.  Read their rescue stories and learn about their personalities.  Learn about bobcats in general as well as other bobcat related subjects.  Enjoy dozens of color photographs and videos.

iPad  |  PDF  Small 60.3 mb / Large 97.8 mb  |  Kindle

The Dunking

Free book about two tigers, a lake, a big red ball, and a lesson in friendship.

(Update coming soon) Share the afternoon antics of two funny tigers. Two tigers, plus two big red balls, plus a lake equals one tiger dunking another, getting in trouble and being banished from land.  Will the tiger friends make-up?  Beautifully illustrated with over 140 color photographs of two tigers named China Doll and Shere Khan.

iPad / iPhone  |  PDF  |  Kindle

Big Cat Attacks

Free book about big cat attacks

(Update coming soon) The book is a partial listing (741) of incidents in the U.S. involving captive exotic cats since 1990.  The U.S. incidents have resulted in the deaths of 23 humans, 16 adults and 5 children, the additional mauling of 252 more adults and children, 266 escapes, the killing of 146 big cats, and 133 confiscations. There have also been 248 big cat incidents outside the U.S. that have resulted in the deaths of 85 humans and the mauling of 134 humans by captive big cats.  These figures only represent the headlines that Big Cat Rescue has been able to track.  Because there is no reporting agency that keeps such records the actual numbers are certainly much higher.

iPad   |  PDF Large 11.2 MB / Small 5.38 MB  |  Kindle

The Lions of Big Cat Rescue, Picture Book

Free book about lions with a lot of lion photos "Lions of Big Cat Rescue"

(Update coming soon) Learn about lions and meet the lions who call Big Cat Rescue home.  Enjoy over seventy (70) lion photos.  Because of the large number of photos the PDF is being offered in a large size and a small size.

iPad |  PDF  Large 32.7 MB / Small 7.5 MB  | Kindle

Meet JoJo, Wildcat Hybrid Gets a New Home

Free book about a hybrid cat named JoJo

(Update coming soon) JoJo is a wild cat hybrid who has come to live at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida.  His previous enclosure was small with a concrete floor. We were told his diet had always been simply chicken necks. At Big Cat Rescue he enjoys a big enclosure with no concrete. He loves the high quality fresh meat diet he now gets.   Read JoJo’s story, see photos and learn about Caracal lynx, African Servals and hybrids.

iPad  |  PDF  |

The Elusive Sand Cat

Free Book about the elusive little wild sand cat species and a lot of sand cat photos "The Elusive Sand Cat"

(Update coming soon) This book has big full color photos of  Canyon and Genie, the little wild Sand Cat who call Big Cat Rescue home.  You will also find interesting information about this wild cat species.   Children will enjoy this book because of all the big photos. Parents will enjoy this book because of the educational value.

iPad  |   PDF  |  Kindle

The Black Footed Cat, a.k.a. The Ant Hill Tiger

FREE BOOK to learn about the tiny wild cat species "Black Footed Cat"

(Update coming soon) See large, color photographs of the Black Footed cat.  Black Footed cats can be quite fierce and for that they are often called “Ant Hill Tigers”.  Something that is different about black-footed cat is that they are poor climbers.  They are not interested in tree branches. The reason for that is their stocky bodies and short tails make tree-climbing awkward. The black-footed cat is perhaps the smallest species of wild cat in Africa, black-footed cats average only 2.4 lb. to 4.2 lb. when fully grown.  As with many other animals the females are usually smaller than the males.

iPad  |   PDF  |  Kindle

Who Is Big Cat Rescue?

FREE BOOK "Who Is Big Cat Rescue" to learn about an accredited sanctuary in Tampa, FL

(Update coming soon) Big Cat Rescue is the largest accredited sanctuary in the world dedicated entirely to abused and abandoned big cats. We are home to over 100 lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars and other species most of whom have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, saved from being turned into fur coats, or retired from performing acts. Our dual mission is to provide the best home we can for the cats in our care and educate the public about the plight of these majestic animals, both in captivity and in the wild, to end abuse and avoid extinction. Learn all about Big Cat Rescue’s history, mission, and evolution.

iPad  |  PDF | Kindle

Tigrina or Oncilla

FREE BOOK to learn about the wild cat species called TigrinaOrOncilla

(Update coming soon) The Oncilla (Leopardus tigrinus), also known as the little spotted cat, tigrillo, or tiger cat, is a small spotted cat native to montane and tropical rain forests of Central and South America. It is active during the night and in twilight, but has also been recorded during the day.
Learn more about this little wild cat.

iPad  |  PDF  | Kindle

 Black Panthers, Fact or Myth

FREE BOOK about black leopards and panthers

(Update coming soon) Do they really exist? If so, what are they? Learn about the Leopard, Jaguar, Mountain Lion, and Jaguarundi. Enjoy color photographs of the above mentioned species.

iPad  |  PDF | Kindle

FREE Big Cat Picture Books
Free picture books featuring the big cats at Big Cat Rescue

China Doll Loves Her Pumpkin

FREE PICTURE BOOK with photos of tigers with pumpkins

(Update coming soon) China Doll is a tiger that lives at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida.  She loves pumpkins and watermelons so much that she dives in the lake to get them.  She races through her jungle carrying them.  She pounces on them and attacks them, too. See MANY full color, full screen, close-up photos of China Doll and her funny pumpkin antics.  Learn about what Enrichment is and why it is so important.

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Non-Big Cat Rescue Books that Promote Big Cat Rescue’s Mission

These are books created to promote Big Cat Rescue but are not actually books by Big Cat Rescue

What Do You See?   I See a Lion, a Tiger, and a Monkey

FREE CHILDREN"S BOOK with bright cartoon pictures and colorful rhyming words.

(Update coming soon) Willy Wizard sends your child off on a reading adventure to see a lion, a monkey, and a tiger.   Bright colorful cartoon graphics and big color photos or real lions and tigers. Children will learn about:  The colors green, red, blue and purple. They will learn about lions, tigers, and sharing.  They will learn that reading is fun and funny.  They will enjoy the rhyming and humor.  You might even get a chuckle or two while reading this to younger children.

iPad  |  PDF  | Kindle

 The African Wild Dog

FREE BOOK to learn about the African Wild Dog there are a LOT of photographs

(Update coming soon) Enjoy a lot of bright colorful photos of African Wild Dogs while you learn about this fascinating African predator. The African Wild Dog is considered a Threatened Species. If you are doing research for a school paper this book would be an excellent resource for you. If you just like dogs and want to see some photos of an interesting looking wild dog you will enjoy this book, too. You can also learn about other species and places by tapping on a word.

iPad  |  PDF  |

Working With Wild Horses, Tips & Basics & Saving Them From Slaughter

WorkngWildHorsesCover170x170By Nancy Kerson Adopting a Wild Horse is a wonderful and sometimes challenging adventure. The intention of this booklet is to help you make the most of your experience and to be successful in your endeavor. My hope in creating this booklet is that I can share with you some of the things that I have learned that have helped me, and which I hope will help you. This book covers the basics on how to choose your horse, how to gentle your horse, how to train your horse the basics. It teaches you to “speak horse”. We share our experiences and introduce you to our Mustangs. (50% of this iBook’s Sales go to Big Cat Rescue’s iBooks Project)

iPad version  |