Here is a variety of simple fun crafts for you and you children to enjoy.

Decorate and Print Bookmarks

These are for your own enjoyment or to give as gifts.  These are little computer programs / software for Windows PC computers.  You choose a wild cat photo, drag and drop it onto the bookmark, then drag and drop holiday clipart onto it, add some personal text, then print, cut out, and add a piece of yarn to the top.

Enjoy them in various holiday themes such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Father’s Day with animal themes such as lions, tigers, servals, sand cats, leopards, and more.

Make and Print Personalized Halloween Bookmarks Make Personalized Thanksgiving Sand Cat Bookmarks Make Personalized Christmas Bookmarks White Tiger

CLICK HERE To see LOTS of these to choose from.


Make and Print Ties For Dad

Make bookmark ties for Dad as gifts for Father’s Day or for Christmas.

Free Kid's Craft Make A Tie For Father's Day Make a Sorts Tie For Dad Free Download Christmas Game Make A Tiger Christmas Tie For Dad

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Father’s Day Kids’ Craft – “Daddy’s Girl” Photo Frame

Here is a Father’s Day gift idea. Daddy’s and daughters have a special bond. Here is a collection of “Princess Frame Cards” for you to download and print free. Once printed you can cut out the center of the frame where the photo goes, tape a photograph of “Daddy’s Little Princess”, fold the card in half at the dotted line and tape or glue the frame shut, finally write a note to Daddy on the back.

Make "Daddy's Little Princess" Photo Cards

CLICK HERE to choose from several different designs and styles.