St. Patrick’s Day Dominoes

Here is a free printable St. Patrick’s game for your family to enjoy. Each of the big cats in this game live at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida.

This game plays much like normal dominoes. This little game makes a great gift for anytime.

Little games like this are a great way to spend a quality time with your child. It is amazing how much a child will talk to a parent while playing a game. It is also amazing how much a child listens to a parent while they are playing a game. What a purr-fect opportunity to talk to your child about endangered species and saving habitats in the wild.

How to Play St. Patrick’s Big Cat Dominoes:

  • Turn the dominoes over face down.
  • Mix them all around.
  • Each player should draw seven (7) dominoes.
  • Players then take turns playing one domino at a time.
  • Player should match their domino to any domino on the board.
  • If the player does not have a matching domino he/she should draw until getting one that plays
  • The first player out wins that round.
  • If, you choose to keep score then when one player runs out of dominoes they should count the number of dominoes the other players have left. The total of that number is their score. Only the player that ran out of dominoes will get a score on that round.

Below are screen shots of the five sheets of Big Cat St. Patrick’s Dominoes game to print. These five sheets have been saved into one PDF file which you may download for convenience. The file is 3.94 MB in size. Print that one or right click and save it to your computer to print later. We suggest printing on a nice white card stock. after you print the five sheets of dominoes you will need to cut the 60 dominoes apart.

You may also click on each screenshot to bring up the full size sheet that you may download individually, if you prefer. To download individually, click on the download Icon below each full sized image, then save to your computer.



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