Halloween Screensaver Black Leopard 1

Here is a big cat free big cats Halloween screensaver. This free decorated screensaver is dedicated all of the tigers, leopards, African serval cats, snow leopards, cougars, bobcats and the white tiger who call Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida home.

Below are small views of the Halloween decorated black leopard photos that are in this Halloween screensaver. These Halloween decorated photos can also be purchased from our big cat Zazzle store on greeting cards, magnets, t-shirts, caps, mugs, key chains, mouse pads and more.

Screensaver Download Instructions:

  1. Right Click on the Filename below
  2. Choose¬†“SAVE TARGET AS”
  3. Click “OK”
  4. Remember where you save the file to

Installation Instructions:

  1. Go to where you saved/downloaded the free screensaver file to
  2. Double click on the file you just downloaded
  3. Follow on-screen instructions

These free screensavers are NOT freeware. They are NOT public domain, NOT Creative Commons, NOT Shareware not any other re-distributable type item. Everything on this website created by a Big Cat Rescue Advocat and are her personal creations and she holds the copyrights. Everything here was made specifically to promote Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida and their mission and their main website of www.BigCatRescue.org. You MAY use items from this website for personal use, school projects, church projects, personal gift giving, etc… You may NOT sell them. You may NOT post them on any website. You may NOT include them in any collection etc. You MAY give a copy of them to your personal friends and family.


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