Father’s Day Kids’ Craft – “Daddy’s Girl” Photo Frame

Father’s Day Kids’ Craft – “Daddy’s Girl” Photo Frame

Here is a Father’s Day gift idea. Daddy’s and daughters have a special bond. Here is a collection of “Princess Frame Cards” for you to download and print free. Once printed you can cut out the center of the frame where the photo goes, tape a photograph of “Daddy’s Little Princess”, fold the card in half at the dotted line and tape or glue the frame shut, finally write a note to Daddy on the back.

Below are small thumbnail views of the available “Daddy’s Little Girl” Father’s Day gift photo frames. We recommend printing on a bright white card stock, but you can use regular printer paper if you don’t have card stock.

These cards will print better if you first save the file to your computer. To do this:

  1. RIGHT CLICK on the small view below
  2. Choose “SAVE”, “SAVE AS”, or “SAVE TARGET AS”
  3. Click OK
  4. This will save the full sized version of the card to your computer.
  5. Remember where you save the file to on your computer
  6. Print from the file you saved on your computer
  7. Cut out the card on the solid lines (ask an adult to help)
  8. Cut out the inside of the photo frame making a place to put your photo
  9. Fold the card on the dotted line (picture side out)
  10. Tape a photo of “Daddy’s Little Princess” in the frame (picture facing out)
  11. Write a note to Dad on the inside of the card.

**NOTE** The full sized cards are approximately 1 MB to 1.5 MB so they should download quickly using the right click method above. However, if you left click on the small images below it will take them a few moments to fully load, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

princess-card-001-FD-t princess-card-007-FD-t princess-card-008-FD-t princess-card-009-FD-t princess-card-010-FD-t princess-card-011-FD-t princess-card-012-FD-t

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