Make A Tie For Father’s Day

Here is a little easy to use program to make and decorate a tie for Father’s Day. You simply download the one file, double click it and follow instructions. To decorate your tie you just drag and drop the tiger photos and the Father’s Day clipart onto a blank tie. When the tie is decorated the way you want it you click the print button. Print on bright white card stock for the best results. Have an adult help cut out the tie.¬†You can mix and match the tiger photos any way you’d like to give the tie a very personalized look.

You can write on the back of it to make the tie a card. You can us it as a bookmark. You can punch a hole in the top and tie a string thru it so Dad can hang it on the mirror in his car.

Below are screenshots of the program. Download instructions and link are located below.

  1. CLICK on the download link
  2. Choose SAVE TARGET AS
  3. Click OK
  4. Remember where you save download the program at
  1. Double Click the downloaded file to install it
  2. Follow on-screen instruction
  1. Use the scroll bar on the right side to scroll down to the bottom.
  2. Click on the MAKE TIE button
  3. Drag and drop the tiger photos onto the blank tie
  4. Drag and drop the Father’s Day clipart onto the tie
  5. Click the PRINT button
  6. Ask an adult to help you cut out the tie
  7. Write a note on the back
  8. Give it as a Father’s Day gift
  1. Use as a bookmark
  2. Fold another piece of paper in half to make a card. Glue the tie on the front. Write a Father’s Day note on in the inside.
  3. Print two copies, cut both out, glue together to make a twosided tie. Punch a hole in the top of the tie, run a ribbon, yarn or string thru the hole and tie it. you can now hang it as a decoration from the car’s mirror or a door knob.
  4. Write a note on the back of it.

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