Gone Fishing With Dad

Here is a kids craft / game for Father’s Day. Kids, ask an adult to help you print this game so you can play it with your dad on Father’s Day. The photos of the big cats on the cards were all taken at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. Dads and kids love to go fishing. Many big cats love to go fishing, too. You just need to print one copy of the dice sheet, one copy of the pond sheet and one to three copies of the cards(fish).

To play this game you will place all the cards(fish) face down on pond board. Take turns rolling the die and following the instructions. Keep doing this until the pond is empty. Younger kids can count how many cards they end up with and the player with the most cards wins. Older kids can add up the points on the faces of their cards. the player with the most points wins. You can also use the cards as number flash cards or as a memory matching game.

This is the POND. You need to DOWNLOAD and PRINT ONE copy of the pond board.



This is the dice. You need to DOWNLOAD and PRINT ONE copy of this.



This is the cards(fish) sheet. DOWNLOAD  and then PRINT ONE to THREE copies of this sheet. Then cut the cards(fish) apart.



Download and Print Instructions

Save / Download the printing sheets to your computer so they will print faster. You can choose from two dpi versions. Both should print out as 8x10s. To download them just click on the links below. The 100dpi and 300dpi versions are named appropriately.


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