Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday From Big Cat Rescue

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Here are some fun big cat birthday goodies for your family to enjoy. 

All of these big cat birthday goodies are dedicated all of the tigers, lions, leopards, African serval cats, cougars, bobcats, lynx and the white tiger who call Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida home.

Play Birthday Tic-Tac-Toe With Bella Tiger (Play Online)

You are Bella, the tiger. The computer is a slice of yummy birthday cake. Select the square you want to place Bella in by clicking on it. You cannot occupy a square that is already occupied. The first player to complete a row of the three squares is the winner.


Make and Print Your Kids’ FREE Personalized Birthday Letters

Kids love the annual birthday fun. You can add a little more joy to their birthday by giving them a very customized personal letter from various birthday characters. You can quickly and easily personalize, and instantly print, kids’ personalized birthday letters for all the children you know and love. These personalized children’s birthday letters are written in many various writing styles. This means that you should be able to find on that is just right for your children no matter what their ages are.Kids Love to get their very own mail. Imagine their delight getting a personalized birthday letter. Great for children and adults of all ages.


Birthday Screensaver featuring decorated photos of Bengal cats, Bearcats, & Bobcats.

Birthday Printable Word Game: “Make Words Cougar”

Birthday make Words Game you can download, print, & play with your children or give as a birthday gift.  This is a fun game to play at children’s birthday party events.

Birthday Girl Leopard Bingo Craft Game you can download, print, make & play with your children or give as a birthday gift.

Birthday Boy Leopard Bingo Craft Game you can download, print, make & play with your children or give as a birthday gift.

 Printable Big Cat “Go Fish” Card Game / Craft

This fun little card game plays just like the popular kids card game “Go Fish”.  You can choose other versions beside this Christmas version.  This Christmas kids craft / game makes a great stocking stuffer.  It also make a fun little gift to add to letters from Santa.

Free Big Cat eCards

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