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Write A Letter To Santa Stationery

Children enjoy writing letters to Santa.  Here is some fun stationery you can print for your wee ones to write their letters on. Click on one of the small photo below to see all 32 sheets.  There are sheets with Santa, Rudolf, Frosty, tiddler elves, tween elves, big cats, candy canes and more.  We tried to vary the styles so everyone could have a unique page.  We are open to suggestions.

santapaper_1   santapaper_2    santapaper_42b

Children’s Christmas Craft

PURR-sonalized Bookmarks & Ornaments – African Serval

This is a mini Windows PC software program for kids to make bookmarks as gifts and/or Christmas Tree ornaments with African Serval cat photos and and decorate them by dragging and dropping Christmas clipart onto the serval photos then printing them.  They can even add in a text message that will print on their bookmark.  The kids simply drag one of the serval photos onto the bookmark, then drag and drop some Christmas clipart onto the serval, type in a text message, then click print.  After your bookmark/ornament prints punch a hole in the top where the red dot is and tie a piece of ribbon or yarn through the hole.

Click on one of the small pictures below to go to a page with more info and to get your free copy today.

setup_christmas_bookmarks_servals-program   setup_christmas_bookmarks_servals-bookmark

Christmas Worksheet – What’s Next

A little Christmas activity for the wee ones.  Click the small picture below to get the full 8 x 10 worksheet to save and print.   Help your wee ones spot the pattern.  Have them cut apart the five pix at the bottom of the sheet and place (tape or glue) the right one to complete the pattern in each row.


We will be adding Christmas goodies such as Wallpapers, Screensavers, online games, games to download, printable games and crafts, all with an Christmas theme throughout 2017.

Categories to come are:

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