Kids Christmas Craft – Make PURR-sonalized Bookmarks and Ornaments – African Serval

This is a mini Windows PC software program for kids to make bookmarks as gifts and/or Christmas Tree ornaments with African Serval cat photos and and decorate them by dragging and dropping Christmas clipart onto the serval photos then printing them.  They can even add in a text message that will print on their bookmark.

The kids simply drag one of the serval photos onto the bookmark, then drag and drop some Christmas clipart onto the serval, type in a text message, then click print.


NOTE: The only thing that prints is the actual bookmark, the rest of the photos and clipart does not print so as not to waste your ink.


Last, simply punch a hole in the top where the red dot is, then tie a piece of ribbon or string through it.  Kids can then give it away as a gift bookmark, or hang it on the tree.  They also make cute name tags gifts.  There are a lot of serval photos and a lot of clipart so the kids can make as many as they want.

Download the zip file, double click to unzip it.  There is only one small file inside the zip file.  After it is unzipped, simply double click the one file and follow on screen instructions.  The program runs entirely self contained from that one file.

Again this is for computers running Windows. This is less that 1.5 mb so it is very small.




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