Make Personalized Valentines To Trade


Don’t spend money buying boxes of Valentines for the kids to trade at school. Instead with a few mouse clicks  make your own free. These are sure to be different than anyone else in your child’s class will have. With this automated Valentine making program you type in your child’s name ONCE and it’s automatically inserted into the “From” spot on nine little kids’ Valentines. Type your child’s classmates’ names into a list, just once and each child’s name is automatically inserted into the “To” spot on one Valentine each. Then simply click print and cut apart the nine customized designer valentines. no more endlessly hand writing the To & From on children’s Valentines for their school parties.

The kids can even have fun dragging and dropping Valentine graphics onto their trading Valentine’s to further personalize them before printing.

There are 24 sets to choose from.

Make Personalized Tiger Trading Valentines

Make Personalized Tiger AUROARA Trading Valentines

Make Personalized Valentines for kids to trade at school.

Make Personalized Tiger SHERE KHAN Trading Valentines.

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