Newsletter Gifts November 2015

Newsletter Gifts November 2015

Teisha Tiger

This month’s featured cat is new arrival, Teisha Tiger

This page has A LOT of info and A LOT of goodies so be sure to bookmark Big Cat Rescue’s November Newsletter so you can find this page again.  Please share the links with your friends and family, too.

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This Month’s Featured Goodies Are:

  1. November’s featured cat story, Teisha
  2. Why we changed her name to Teisha
  3. Teisha health update
  4. What are observation logs and why they are important
  5. Teisha’s 1st perfume tube
  6. What is a perfume tube?
  7. Why does enrichment matter?
  8. Teisha Tiger’s 1st Pumpkin
  9. Do the cats EAT the pumpkins?
  10. Pools For Tigers, about pools and funny stories
  11. Keeper Comments about Teisha
  12. Sponsor / Adopt Teisha
  13. Gift Idea for Kids and Adults
  14. Screensaver – Cats and Pumpkins One
  15. Screensaver – Cats and Pumpkins Two
  16. Screensaver – Cats and Pumpkins Three
  17. Screensaver – CamBu and Pumpkins
  18. Screensaver – Andre, Arthur, Amanda, Bengali, and Pumpkins
  19. Screensaver – Tisha Tiger’s Pumpkin
  20. Screensaver – Nikita Lion’s Pumpkin
  21. Species Fun Facts
  22. Thanksgiving Jokes and Photos
  23. Thanksgiving Greeting pictures for social media sites
  24. Facebook cover photos
  25. Cats with November birthdays
  26. Birthday Greeting pictures for social media sites
  27. Video – Going to Ohio to pick up Teisha
  28. Video – Teisha’s first time in her pool photo & video
  29. Video – Enrichment Catnip
  30. Video – November birthday cats getting treats
  31. Video – Previous Birthdays video collection
  32. Video – Thanksgiving video collection
  33. 2016 Big Cat Calendar
  34. Big Cat Gift Shop sales
  35. How to donate to the cats AT NO COST to you
  36. Thanksgiving Quotes & Sayings on cat photos
  37. Did you know?

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Featured Cat Story

This month’s featured cat is TEISHA TIGER.  Here are some excerpts from Teisha’s bio.

On Monday, October 5, 2015, the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office took possession of 5 tigers from Mike Stapleton, owner of Paws & Claws Animal Sanctuary near Columbus.

Stapleton has been battling state officials to keep his tigers ever since Ohio legislators enacted an exotic animal law that went into effect almost two years ago. Authorities arrived prepared to seize Stapleton’s cats after he had vowed to never give up his cats, but in the end Stapleton peacefully surrendered his cats. All 5 cats will be placed in approved sanctuaries outside of Ohio.

When we learned that Teisha – a 13-year-old tiger, in such bad shape that she was unable to walk, and didn’t move even during the chaos and darting when authorities took possession of her two weeks ago – we immediately offered to bring Teisha to Big Cat Rescue where we can provide her with the best possible medical and dental care and nutrition.

It is our understanding that Stapleton told people on the scene Teisha had been injured by the other tigers in the cage, who constantly picked on her. It’s doubtful that a vet ever examined Teisha before ODA rescued her.

Four Big Cat Rescuers left Tampa on Wednesday, October 21, for the 15-hour drive up to Ohio with our transport carrier. They drove straight through and met with Ohio authorities this morning and took possession of Teisha. They are now en route back to Tampa with their precious cargo.

Until we get Teisha to Big Cat Rescue on Friday, and our vets can examine her at our Windsong Memorial Hospital, we are not sure what her exact condition is and how serious her injuries are.

We do know that for the first week after she was rescued by ODA, she did not stand and just peed and defecated while laying down. The ODA vets put her on pain medication and she has begun getting up and walking a little bit. It’s heartbreaking to speculate how long Teisha has been in pain but not receiving any medication while owned by Stapleton.

ODA also told us Teisha may have some bad teeth, which is sadly very common for cats who are pulled from their mothers at birth to be used as photo props and fed an improper diet. When big cats lack calcium, they pull it from their bones before pulling it from their own teeth. This is nature’s way as tigers would not be able to survive if they can’t chew. So that means tigers like Teisha who have bad teeth also suffer from very fragile bones. This may be why she can’t walk.

We will post updates about Teisha and her prognosis as we can. It is only because of our amazing donors like YOU that Big Cat Rescue can save these cats! THANK YOU for your continuing support of our work and our sanctuary!

CLICK HERE to go to Teisha’s Bio page on Big Cat Rescue’s main website. There is ANOTHER video of Teisha on her bio page.

Tiger Animal Clipart for Thanksgiving

WHY We Changed Her Name

Her name was Keisha in her previous home. We always try to keep a cat’s name, but at Big Cat Rescue we have protocols that demand every Keeper post observations to a database that shares the info with the CEO, President, Ops Mgr, maintenance crew and the Vets if it is a medical related post. Each cat has to have a unique name in the database.

We have had cats with the same name before, like Cleo Cougar, Cleo Serval and Cleo Bobcat, but we already had a Keisha Tiger. Calling the new cat Teisha Tiger makes sure that her observations records are unique to her and sounds similar enough to her that we hope she will just pass it off as a regional accent.

Cats are masters at hiding symptoms when they are ill. That makes it hard to catch illnesses early. Daily observations are crucially important to managing health by catching things as early as possible.

Because the observations database is vital part of the daily care a unique name is a must.

Teisha is an Arabic name that means Alive and Well, which is our goal for her.

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Teisha Tiger Update

When we first saw how crippled she was, we thought we would have to sedate her, yet again, to do Xrays and maybe an MRI, but on the same pain management drugs that our other arthritic cats are on, she’s doing great, so we will just watch her closely and see how she does as she loses all of that excess weight.

Tiger clipart

What Are Observation Logs?

Do They Matter?

Here is an example to explain what observation logs are and why they are important.

The daily observation logs showed that three very old cats had slightly increased the amount of water they were drinking. As a result of that observation they have been added the to “Daily Popsicle List” so they will get a popsicle every single day.

Kidney failure happens in cats as old as they are so the keepers and vets are now watching these three even more closely, just in case.

Cats are experts at hiding illness so having dedicated keepers who take notice of even the smallest changes and note all changes in those daily observation logs to help the vets monitor the cats’ health needs.

The daily observation sheets also allows the vets to review a long running log of each cat so that when an illness does arise the vets have all the info about that cat quickly at their finger tips.

NOTE: Any time you visit any animal facility ASK if they keep observation records. ASK what they do when an animal needs medical care.

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Teisha Tiger Enjoyed 1st Perfume Tube

October 25, 2015 Teisha got her first perfume tube and she certainly enjoyed sinking her claws and teeth into it.  The enrichment team will experiment by giving her different spices and different perfume tubes in an effort to find her favorites.

Teisha Tiger enjoys her first perfume tube

What is a “Perfume Tube”

We spritz a little perfume on a big cardboard tube and the cats like to play with them. Different cats like different scents.  

We do not know yet which perfume scent is going to be her favorite.  The enrichment team will use several different ones taking note of her reactions to each scent.  They will do that until they, and Teisha, figure out which is the favorite scent.

NOTE: When you visit any facility that has captive animals ASK (and keep asking until you get an answer) what kind of enrichment their animals get and how often.   ASK about their safety protocols for humans and animals.

NOTE: If you see baby animals on display, ASK where the parents are!  Often the parents end up in small inside cages 24 hrs a day so the babies can be on display because baby animals bring in paying customers.  Often, the adults get sold out the back door and end up in the exotic pet trade which all to often lands animals is bad situations. The animals have no voice unless YOU CARE ENOUGH to BE their voice.

Playful Kitten

Why Does Enrichment Matter?

Wild cats should be living wild and free.  Since they cannot it is important to keep their minds and bodies busy to help them avoid boredom.  

Cats enjoy scents.  Giving them scented toys helps break up the boredom because they roll around with them, bat them around, and some cats even enjoy shredding the ‘to’ into a million little pieces then rolling around in them.  

When cats in captivity get bored they tend to stress and pace.  Keeping their minds and bodies busy is important to their overall health and peace of mind.  A busy cat is a happy cat.

CLICK HERE to see more Enrichment posts on

By the way, did you know big cats like catnip, too?

Happy Thanksgiving Clipart

Teisha’s First Pumpkin

Teisha Tiger is settling in nicely. She is beginning to look forward to her enrichment goodies and is learning which keepers clean and which keepers bring treats and what time breakfast is etc.

Teisha Tiger's First Pumpkin

Do the cats EAT the pumpkins?

The cats actually eat very little of the pumpkin.  The enjoy batting them around, chasing them and pouncing on them.  the also enjoy the scents and textures when the sink their teeth and claws into the pumpkins.

For some of the cats we will poke a hole in the pumpkins so they can get a good sniff.  For other cats we will cut a bigger whole and scoop out the insides and replace them with meat treats.

Happy Thanksgiving Clipart

Video of Picking Up Teisha

Watch as we travel to the state of Ohio to rescue the newest member of the Big Cat Rescue family.  We are pleased to welcome Teisha tiger.


Teisha’s 1st Time in Her Pool


Watch the video: 

Keeper Note: By November 14th Teisha figured out she could get a rise out of us by splashing us and getting us wet. She is a very social girl!


Learn About Pools For Tigers

Here at Big Cat Rescue the the cats who like water have pools.  Cougars Ares, Orion, and Artemis have a pool, even Max and MaryAnn Bobcats have a pool.  Max is the bobcat here that takes an occasional swim in the pool.

The pools are on a pumping system so that water constantly drains back to the lake through an over flow in a mini waterfall while fresh cool water is constantly pumped into the pools from the lake.  This ensures the water is always fresh and cool.

Funny Pool Story TJ Tiger – In the summer heat TJ Tiger would go wild splashing so much water out of his pool that the pumping system couldn’t fill it as fast as he splashed it out.  So, when the water in the pool got low he would get out and splash in the big mud puddles he had made. He then would lay down and roll and roll in the mud.

Funny Pool Story Kali Tiger – Kali Tiger like to play and splash in the pool then without warning leap out like lighting and race across the enclosure before coming back to splash some more.  Kali has also discoverd that she can lay down and position her arm oit over the in coming water.  She will put out great effort getting positioned just right to get the maximum armpit massage.

Funny Pool Story CamBu – Zabu, the white tigress, LOVES her pool.  Cameron, the African lion HATES Zabu’s pool.  Zabu knows Cameron does NOT like to get wet so shen they get treats she has learned if she races to the pool and stands in the middles that Cameron will not even try to take her treat away.

Funny Pool Story CamBu – Cameron likes to take more afternoon naps than Zabu does.  When Zabu cannot get Cameron awake enough to play chase with her she will go take a dip in the pool and get really REALLY wet. She then will bounce out the pool and race over to Cameron and then SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE flinging the water all over Cameron.

When she does that he will leap up all grumpy at her and the chase is on.  By the time he catches her he forgets that he is grumpy and they plop down and roll around wrestling, which progresses into grooming each other, and ends up with them snuggled up and going back to sleep.

YOU can help us keep the pools and other things arounf the sanctuary in tip top shape: Even though the pools are made of concrete they often need repaired or replaced because the tigers are so rough on them.  You can help us stay on to top of maintenance issues like this through your purr-chases at and through donations at

Happy Thanksgiving Clipart

Keeper Comments About Teisha

Senior Keeper & Media Producer, Afton had some things to say about Teisha.


Enrichment:  She really seems to like perfume tubes, but I do not know what her favorite scent is yet.

Purr-sonality:  Teisha is very sweet and loves to chuff and moan.  She has a soft spot for me for some reason, and if I am around it doesn’t matter who is there, she will start following me everywhere.
Napping:  She always takes her naps in her den.
Breakfast:  She gets excited for food, but hey she’s a tiger.
Name:  She does know and respond to her name.
Neighbors:  Her enclosure is on the end of tiger row.
New Favorite Activity:  She figured out how to get in her pool on 11/11/15, and I have already seen her in there twice on the morning of 11/12/2015.  She enjoys splashing anyone who is nearby.

NOTE: The keepers on the Enrichment Team will try a variety of scents and spices before they discover which are Teisha’s favorites.

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Sponsor / Adopt Teisha

Did you know that YOU can sponsor / adopt this month’s featured cat, Teisha?

Why are sponsorships & adoptions important?

It costs an average of about $10,000 per year to properly care for a tiger.  Tigers here have lived into their mid 20s.  That means Teisha could be here for a long time.  Initial funding during and after her rescue will cover about her first year.  After that we will need to come up with the funds to care for her for her remaining years. Sponsorships help with that on going expense.

Is it expensive to become a sponsor for Teisha?

It depends on which sponsorship level you choose.  You can sponsor her for as little as $25.

Great Gift Idea for Kids and Adults, alike

Sponsorship kits make great holiday gifts as well as helps provide for the cats.  There is a special kit designed for children as well.

CLICK HERE to learn more about how sponsorships help the cats and what you get in your sponsorship kit.

You can sponsor Teisha in two different ways.  

  1. Get a sponsor kit delivered to you by snail mail
  2. Get an instant sponsor kit to download and print. These instant sponsor kits are great especially if you need a last minute gift for someone special.

Thanksgiving Screensaver Free

THREE Cats & Pumpkins Screensavers

These THREE screensavers are available for both Windows PC and Mac computers.


We hope you enjoy the photos.  The cats in this screensaver are:

  • Caracal Lynx – Rusty & Sassy
  • Tigers – Andre, Arthur, Kali, Zabu
  • Siberian Lynx – Zeus and Apollo
  • Cougars – Ares, Aspen, Reise, Tobi
  • Leopards – Jade, Armani, Reno, Jumanji
  • African Servals – Doodles, Nala, Pharaoh,
  • Bobcat – Little White Dove

CLICK HERE to see the all the photos for Cats and Pumpkins Screensaver One 

CLICK HERE to see the all the photos for Cats and Pumpkins Screensaver Two

CLICK HERE to see the all the photos for Cats and Pumpkins Screensaver Three


Teisha Tiger Screensaver

This screensaver is available for both Windows PC and Mac computers.


CLICK HERE to see the all the photos that are in this screensaver.  If you like the photos, from there you can choose to download the Mac or Windows version.


Tigers, Andre, Arthur, Amanda, and Bengali with their Pumpkins

This screensaver is available for both Windows PC and Mac computers.


CLICK HERE to see the all the photos that are in this screensaver.  If you like the photos, from there you can choose to download the Mac or Windows version.


Nikita Lion & Pumpkins Screensaver

This screensaver is available for both Windows PC and Mac computers.


CLICK HERE to see the all the photos that are in this screensaver.  If you like the photos, from there you can choose to download the Mac or Windows version.


CamBu and Pumpkins Screensaver

This screensaver is available for both Windows PC and Mac computers.


CLICK HERE to see the all the photos that are in this screensaver.  If you like the photos, from there you can choose to download the Mac or Windows version.

Happy Thanksgiving Clipart

Species Fun Facts

This month’s featured species is Tiger, again.

  • The largest of all the living cats, the tiger is immediately recognizable by its unique reddish – orange coat with black stripes.
  • Stripe patterns differ among individuals and are as unique to the animal as are fingerprints to humans.
  • The dark lines above the eyes tend to be symmetrical, but the marks on the sides of the face and body can be different.
  • Males have a prominent ruff or collar, which is especially pronounced in the Sumatran tiger.
  • In sanctuaries tigers have lived up to 26 years, as compared to 15 in the wild. Tigers only live 10-12 years in most zoos.
  • Tigers occupy a wide variety of habitats including tropical evergreen forests, deciduous forests, coniferous woodlands (Taiga), mangrove swamps, thorn forests and grass jungles. The factors common to all of the tiger’s habitats are some form of dense vegetative cover, sufficient large prey, and access to water.
  • Tigers are extremely adept swimmers and readily take to water. They have been recorded easily swimming across rivers achieving distances of just under 20 miles. The tiger also spends much of its time during the heat of the day during hot seasons half submerged in lakes and ponds to keep cool.
  • Tigers, like most wild cats are solitary, however, they are not anti-social. Males not only come together with females for breeding, but will feed with or rest with females and cubs. There have actually been reports of some tigers socializing and traveling in groups. Females with cubs have also been seen coming together to share meals. Most likely, in all of these cases they are somehow related. Males will kill cubs from other males, so it is likely that the offspring in question is his own. The females most likely are mother and daughter with overlapping home ranges.
  • Tigers hunt primarily between dusk and dawn.

CLICK HERE to go to Big Cat Rescue’s website to learn more about tigers.

Happy Thanksgiving Clipart

Thanksgiving Jokes


Here are the Thanksgiving Jokes with photos available so far:

  • Pilgrim Jokes
  • Food Jokes
  • Pumpkin Jokes

CLICK HERE to go to Thanksgiving Jokes Page for more.

Happy Thanksgiving Clipart

Fun Thanksgiving Greetings

Here is a sample of the several we will post on Social Media sites like Facebook to tell all of our big cat friends, “Happy Thanksgiving”.


CLICK HERE to see more

Happy Thanksgiving Clipart

Facebook Cover Photos

Thanksgiving themed Facebook Cover Photos featuring the big cats of Tampa, Florida.  These are made to fit the exact size of Facebook’s Cover Photo.  The areas where the profile photo, name, and Facebook buttons for Like and Message are left clear.

These samples are not the only styles.

FB-Cover-Photo-Thanksgiving-Alex-1 FB-Cover-Photo-Thanksgiving-Armani

Cats with Cover Photos

  • Alex Tiger
  • Apache Bobcat
  • Armani Leopard

CLICK HERE to see all the Big Cat  Thanksgiving Facebook Cover Photos

Tiger Birthday Cat

Cat’s With November Birthdays

Birthday-Balloons-Sundari-b Birthday-SantinoCat Birthday Card Zimba Serval

CLICK HERE to see all of this month’s Social Media Birthday Greetings.

CLICK HERE to sponsor one of the birthday cats.  Big cat sponsorship kits make great birthday gifts for friends and family, as well.

Tiger striped birthday cake

November Birthday Cats Video

Watch the birthday cats get treats.


Watch Previous Month Birthday Videos

Our pawsome Media Producer, Afton, has made a birthday video for every month in 2015.

CLICK HERE to watch the Big Cat Birthday videos from previous months.

Happy Thanksgiving Clipart

PAWSOME Gift Shop Sales

The Big Cat Rescue 2016 Calendar is now available.  It is a 13-month glossy color calendar features the big cats who call Big Cat Rescue home.  Each month you will enjoy a fabulous big cat image to go wild over!


Only a limited number will be printed, so to ensure you receive your 2016 Big Cat Rescue calendar order it today! The calendar is approximately 8.5″ x 11″ when closed, 17″ x 11″ when fully open.

Happy Thanksgiving Clipart

Gift Shop Sales

It is that time of year that people begin their holiday shopping.  If you do some of your holiday gift shopping in our online gift shop you are helping us provide for the cats.

home-slide1 (1)

We have some great items this year so please, drop by and check them out.

Also, CLICK HERE to see this month’s gift shop clearance sale items.


Helps the Cats at NO COST to You

A wonderful way to support the cats at no cost to you is to go to your account and sign up for Amazon Smile to have .5% of your purchases donated to Big Cat Rescue at NO EXTRA COST to you.

This is a REALLY EASY way to help the cat while your normal holiday shopping.

Learn more here and see screenshot of how to sign up for 


Big Cat Thanksgiving Video Play List

Did you know that by watching our YouTube videos and using YouTube’s share feature to put them on your social media pages (Like Facebook etc) you are doing two very important things for the cats?

  1. You are spreading the message about the cats and our mission to end the abuse
  2. You are actually raising money for the cats

CLICK HERE to watch a collection of Big Cat Rescue’s Thanksgiving videos. 


Thanksgiving Quote & Sayings

Here are some big cat photos with Thanksgiving quotes and Thanksgiving sayings.  We will share these on Social Media pages like Facebook and G+.

QuotesThanksgiving-SQ-Genie 007

CLICK HERE to see more big cat photos with Thanksgiving Quotes and Sayings 


Did YOU Know?

Facebook only shows our posts to a small percentage of people who have actually “Liked” our page?  This limits not only how many people can see the cats’ photos and videos but also limits how many people can see a post when there is an animal emergency we need to alert everyone about.

Many times our posts are simply fun photos or videos.  However, sometimes they are fundraising posts or and emergency post about an important animal issue, and sometimes, they are an educational message.

Why Does That Matter?

It matters because our mission is educating the public in an effort to end the abuses faced by big cats.  Currently we are getting thousands of new page “Likes” each week but many of those newcomers are not being shown our posts. We cannot share our mission with these new viewers if our posts are not showing up in their Facebook feeds.

What YOU Can Do to Help

When people do any of the following Facebook will decide to show our posts to more people.

  1. Click on the post
  2. Like the post
  3. Comment on the post
  4. Share the post
  5. Talk to other people in the comments of the post


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