Newsletter Gifts October 2015

Newsletter Gifts October 2015

This month’s featured cat is Alex Tiger

photograph if Alex Tiger

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Halloween clipart of cute witch snuggling black cat This Month’s Featured Goodies Are:

  1. October’s Featured Cat’s Story
  2. Short video of Alex playing with his Spice bag
  3. Keeper Comments about Alex
  4. How to Sponsor / adopt Alex Tiger
  5. Species Fun Facts
  6. NEW Magazine Style format unveiled for the Big Cat Times Fall Edition
  7. World Animal Day Screensaver featuring 32 close-up photos of various cats at Big Cat Rescue
  8. Big Cats and Pumpkins screensaver featuring 19 photos of big cats playing with pumpkins
  9. Big Cat Wallpaper for your computer, tablet and phone.
  10. World Animal Day Video
  11. FREE Big Cat Books
  12. Halloween Jokes
  13. Fun Decorated Halloween Pix we will post on Facebook as Halloween Greetings.
  14. Halloween Big Cat Facebook Cover Photos

Halloween clipart of of a pretty little witch sitting on a mad jack-o-lantern with scary bats flying around Featured Cat Story

This month’s featured cat is Alex Tiger.  Here is a small excerpt from Alex’s bio.

Alex was born in 1996.  He came to Big Cat Rescue December 19, 2008 when he was 12 years old.  This year, 2015, Alex is 19 years old.

Alex is an energetic and playful tiger who greets everyone with a hearty chuff. He loves lounging in his swimming pool and gets really excited about enrichment. Enrichment includes special food treats like turkeys or bones that they do not get every day, paper mache animals with treats inside, interesting scents from perfumes and spices. Providing these types of enrichment to the cats makes their lives in captivity more tolerable. In the wild a tiger like Alex would roam several miles a day.

A tiger named Alex playing with a pumpkin.

Alex loves to play with pumpkins, watermelons, spice bags, perfume spritzed tubes, and just about anything else the keepers give him.

CLICK HERE to go to Big Cat Rescue’s main website to learn more about this special tiger.

Alex has has some medical expenses lately for age related issues.  He has more dental work coming up.  You can help with Alex’s medical expenses.

  1. Sponsor Alex using one of the links in the next section below.
  2. Going to our website to see the many different ways to donate.

Clipart of elf sitting on pumpkins pointing you toward a cute video of Alex Tiger rolling around in the grass playing with a spice bag. Alex LOVES Enrichment Video

A very short video of Alex Tiger rolling around enjoying his spice bag.  The spice bag is mostly cinnamon with a hint of nutmeg.

CLICK the photo below to load the video.

Alex Tiger video rolling around playing with his spice bag enrichment.

halloween clipart of a tiger wearing a witch hat under a tree Keeper Comments About Alex

 **** From Tour Guide Denny: Alex created the 8 foot rule. During his first couple of years with us, he took great pleasure in spraying anyone within range.
**** Here is a funny “Cat Shaming” photo made for us by Cole and Marmalade’s daddy.  This really sums up Alex’s sense of humor regarding that 8 foot rule. LOL, some call it the 10 foot rule.
Cat Shaming photo of Alex Tiger because he likes to pee on guests
**** The tour guides are very watchful when around Alex so they can quickly get the guests out of his way in time. Alex takes great pride in this “task” because he puts a lot of thought and planning into his ‘liquid attack” and on the rare occasion he is successful he struts quite proudly!
**** Poor new interns:  You should see Alex when he manages to get a new intern…. He struts around showing off and it is obvious he is pleased with his success.
**** Keeper Denny: Alex used be a real stalker if you had your back to him. I suspect he still is during cool weather which we have not seen for a while.

**** LaWanna Alex is an expert with Operant Conditioning.  Over the years he has learned there are treats at the end of each behavior.  This has really helped when the vets need to check his mouth, paws or belly.  Sedating big cats, especially elderly ones can be risky for the cats. By doing Operant Conditioning on a regular basis with the cats helps them be comfortable while we do minor vet things. CLICK HERE to learn more about Operant Conditioning

**** Keeper Karma: Funny Alex moment:  I had only been interning for a couple weeks and was asked to back up a special VIP tour that Howard was giving. We were not far into the tour and I was still praying that I wouldn’t do anything wrong, when we came upon Alex. The group was deeply engrossed in one of Howard’s many interesting stories, when I saw Alex preparing to spray the entire group. Oh dear…..interrupt his tour or risk the whole group getting covered with eau de Alex. I quickly decided the former to be the best option and shouted “Move to the side! He’s going to spray!” Everyone quickly moved and narrowly escaped getting soaked, which opened up the opportunity for Howard to talk about the spray range of tigers. Dear Alex has always had a special piece of my heart since.

**** Keeper Lynda Alex enjoys cinnamon with a touch of nutmeg in his Enrichment Spice Bag.

**** Media Producer/Keeper Chris, Cole and Marmalade’s Daddy: 

Hey, Alex is the last remaining cat from my first rescue (MS 2008, Freckles and Cookie) I remember Alex was the last to load in the transport cages and we had to sedate him as it was getting dark
Always used to stalk me when I was filming and this was because his previous caretakers would turn their back on him and he’d run and charge and get up on his back legs, then they’d clap and cheer, positive reinforcement for bad behavior, so we had to work with him on that at BCR
He liked me a lot, would always chuff, I think you have all my pics and I don’t have any personal video clips
Chris Poole owned by Cole & Marmalade
Check out our purr-fect videos!
Follow Cole and Marm on Facebook
**** (NOTE FROM BCR) Here, at Big Cat Rescue, we discourage the cats from charging.  What Chris was referring to as his previous caretakers were at the facility Alex was at prior to coming to BCR.

Halloween clipart of a cute child in a Haloween fairy costume flying with her trick or treating black cat Sponsor / Adopt Alex Tiger

Did you know that YOU can sponsor / adopt this month’s featured cat, Alex?

CLICK HERE to learn more about how sponsorships help the cats and what you get in your sponsorship kit.

You can sponsor Alex Tiger in two different ways.  

  1. Get a sponsor kit in the snail mail
  2. Get an instant sponsor kit to download and print. These instant sponsor kits are great especially if you need a last minute gift for someone special.

Halloween clipart of a cartoon child in a Halloween costume of dracula Species Fun Facts

This month’s featured species is Tiger

  • The largest of all the living cats, the tiger is immediately recognizable by its unique reddish – orange coat with black stripes.
  • Stripe patterns differ among individuals and are as unique to the animal as are fingerprints to humans.
  • The dark lines above the eyes tend to be symmetrical, but the marks on the sides of the face and body can be different.
  • Males have a prominent ruff or collar, which is especially pronounced in the Sumatran tiger.
  • In sanctuaries tigers have lived up to 26 years, as compared to 15 in the wild. Tigers only live 10-12 years in most zoos.
  • Tigers occupy a wide variety of habitats including tropical evergreen forests, deciduous forests, coniferous woodlands (Taiga), mangrove swamps, thorn forests and grass jungles. The factors common to all of the tiger’s habitats are some form of dense vegetative cover, sufficient large prey, and access to water.
  • Tigers are extremely adept swimmers and readily take to water. They have been recorded easily swimming across rivers achieving distances of just under 20 miles. The tiger also spends much of its time during the heat of the day during hot seasons half submerged in lakes and ponds to keep cool.
  • Tigers, like most cats are solitary, however, they are not anti-social. Males not only come together with females for breeding, but will feed with or rest with females and cubs. There have actually been reports of some tigers socializing and traveling in groups. Females with cubs have also been seen coming together to share meals. Most likely, in all of these cases they are somehow related. Males will kill cubs from other males, so it is likely that the offspring in question is his own. The females most likely are mother and daughter with overlapping home ranges.
  • Tigers hunt primarily between dusk and dawn.

CLICK HERE to go to Big Cat Rescue’s website to learn more about tigers.

Halloween clipart of a pretty with wearing green and orange posing with her trusty brook and loyal black cat NEW Magazine – Big Cat Times Quarterly

Big Cat Times Fall 2015 Cover

Big Cat Rescue’s quarterly newspaper has been dramatically changed.  It is now a beautiful full color magazine. The Big  Cat Times is a print magazine that is mailed to our supporters each quarter.

Each issue is packed full of photos, stories, and updates on the cats that live at Big Cat Rescue, Sanctuary news, and Big Cat news.

You can sign up to get this new magazine for free by emailing and asking to be added The Big Cat Times mailing list.  Your address with NEVER be shared with anyone else and you will NOT be added to any spam lists, either.

Read the online version of the Fall 2015 Big Cat Times

Clipart of Dracula pointing you to see the 19 big cats photos and download the free screensaver Big Cats and Pumpkins Screensaver

This Big Cats and Pumpkin screensaver is available for both Windows PC and Mac computers.

Enjoy 19 photos of big cats playing with pumpkins.  The cats in this screensaver are:

  • Tigers – Alex, Andre, Arthur, Nikita, China Doll, Kali
  • Cougars – Ares, Aspen Echo, Reise,
  • Lions – Nikita, Cameron
  • Leopard – Sabre

Alex Tiger playing with a pumpkin

CLICK HERE to see the 19 photos that are in this screensaver.  If you like the photos, from there you can choose to download the Mac or Windows version.

alex-halloween-SQ-100x100 World Animal Day Screensaver

Celebrate World Animal Day 2015 by enjoying a free screensaver featuring 32 big and little cat photos from Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida.

Free wild cat screensaver for Mac and Windows featuring 32 big cat photos. This is one of the photos in the screensaver.

CLICK HERE to see small versions of the 32 photos in the screensaver.  You can choose to download the Mac or Windows version of the screensaver for free.

Black cat popping out of a Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Free Halloween Wallpaper

Black leopard Halloween Wallaper

Smile each day as you look at big cat photos on you monitor or screen. This month’s free wallpaper is offered in four different shapes to fit computers, tablets, and phone.

CLICK HERE to see/get this month’s free wallpapers.

 Halloween clipart of a pretty witch in purple with her black cat, jack-o-lantern and bats with a full moon World Animal Day Video

Here is the video that Big Cat Rescue released for World Animal Day on October 4th.

Halloween clipart of a cute appy jack-o-lantern promoting gift shop items PAWSOME Gift Shop Sales

The Big Cat Rescue 2016 Calendar is now available.  It is a 13-month glossy color calendar features the big cats who call Big Cat Rescue home.  Each month you will enjoy a fabulous big cat image to go wild over!


Only a limited number will be printed, so to ensure you receive your 2016 Big Cat Rescue calendar order it today! The calendar is approximately 8.5″ x 11″ when closed, 17″ x 11″ when fully open.

Also, CLICK HERE to see this month’s gift shop clearance sale items.

Clipart of a lion reading a book to promote Big Cat rescue's new free cat books NEW Big Cat Books – FREE

Big Cat Rescue has a line of free books in three formats, iBooks, Kindle, & PDF.  Here are the books released recently.

Books now available in the Kindle Format on Amazon

Until recently our books were available only in iTunes for iPad and from the website as PDF files.  We have begun converting the books into the Kindle format and uploading them to Amazon. By default Amazon does not allow the books as free, however, over the past couple of weeks they have price matched our Kindle books to the iTunes iBook price, which is FREE.  We sincerely appreciate Amazon’s kindness in doing that.  We will eventually have all of the books available for Kindle.  Here are the books that are now available in the Kindle format.

  1. Bobcats of Big Cat Rescue
  2. The Dunking
  3. The Elusive Sand Cat
  4. Lions of Big Cat Rescue
  5. Black Footed Cat
  6. Big Cat Attacks
  7. What Do You See? Rhyming Fun

Books now available for iBooks for iPhone

This is the first of our books available for iBooks for iPhone. Previously they were only available for iBooks for iPad.  The Dunking is a story about two tigers, an afternoon swim in the lake, a big red ball that floats away in the lake, and lesson in friendship and forgiveness. the book has over 100 photos of two tigers, Shere Khan and China Doll.

The Dunking Book is a free book about two tigers, two big red balls, and a lake, and a lesson in friendship.

Previous books available as iBooks for iPad and/or PDF

  1. Big Cat Attacks
  2. Big Cat Care How To Start A Sanctuary (iBooks for iPad only)
  3. Big Cat Times 2015 Fall Edition (PDF only)
  4. Black Footed Cat
  5. Black Panthers Fact or Myth
  6. Bobcats of Big Cat Rescue
  7. China Doll Loves Her Pumpkin
  8. Lions of Big Cat Rescue
  9. Meet JoJo a Wildcat Hybrid
  10. Shaquille, Shattered Dreams
  11. The Dunking
  12. The Elusive Sand Cat
  13. Tigrina or Oncilla
  14. What Do You See? Rhyming Fun
  15. Who Is Big Cat Rescue?

CLICK HERE to see all of our books and to request a free copy of as many books as you’d like.

cute Halloween dragon that points you to a free book about baby lion and tiger cubs NEW BOOK October 11, 2015

FREE BOOK to learn about baby lion and tiger cubs

 Common Myths That Fuel the Cruel Big Cat Selfie Trade and How YOU Can Avoid Them

Did you know that big cats and cubs are exploited and even abused at tourist attractions here in the U.S. and in dozens of countries around the world?

Breeders who charge the public to pet and take photos with young tiger cubs tell venues and customers some or all of the most atrocious lies.

Learn what those lies are and how YOU can avoid falling victim to their schemes.

iPad Version | PDF Version | Kindle Version not available yet

Sppoky castle with halloween bats flying around leading you to Halloween black cat jokes Halloween Jokes

Black Leopard Jumanji shares a funny black cat Halloween joke

Here are the Halloween Jokes with photos available so far:

  • 3 Black Cat Jokes
  • 2 Bat Jokes
  • 2 Frankenstein Jokes
  • 1 Witch Joke
  • 1 Ghost Joke
  • 1 Jack-O-Lantern Joke
  • MORE coming

CLICK HERE to go to Halloween Jokes Page

Halloween clipart of a tiger cub and a jack-o-lantern that will lead you to Happy Halloween greetings Fun Halloween Greetings

Here is a sample of the several we will post on Social Media sites like Facebook to tell all of our big cat friends, “Happy Halloween”.

Happy Halloween from Alex Tiger Lion and Dracula Happy Halloween Greeting ecard

CLICK HERE to see more

Halloween Clipart of a cute blue young Dracula pointing you to big cat Halloween Facebook Cover photos Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook Halloween Cover Photos

Check out our Halloween Facebook Cover Photos

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