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Advocat Newsletter Special Gifts

Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida is home to big cats that have been rescued and now live in sanctuary.  Big Cat Rescue works tirelessly to expose abuse issues and change laws to prevent abuses of big cats.

Every month they send out a free newsletter updating people on the individual cats that live there as well as up dating everyone on the fight to end the abuse.

This page is dedicated to giving the readers of that monthly newsletter some free fun big cat goodies.

March 2016 Goodies

  1. NEW Book: A Leopard Named Armani
  2. NEW Book: Jumanji, Black Leopard
  3. Updated Book:
  4. Wallpaper Plain
  5. Wallpaper St. Patrick’s
  6. Wallpaper Easter
  7. Social Media Greetings St. Patrick’s
  8. Social Media Greetings Easter
  9. Social Media Funny Captioned Photos
  10. Screensaver Plain
  11. Screensaver St. Patrick’s
  12. Screensaver Easter

 January 2016 Goodies

  1. NEW Free Book: Caracal Lynx, Featuring Rusty & Sassy
  2. Cub Petting Kills – Educational info links & videos gathered together on one page.

100x100-Santa December 2015 Goodies

  1. Screensaver: Tigers Andre & Arthur Destroy Santa’s Sleigh
  2. Win A Free Big Cat T-Shirt
  3. Greetings for Christmas Not Decorated
  4. Greetings for Christmas Decorated
  5. December Birthday Video
  6. Nikita Lion on
  7. Meet Nikita Lion
  8. Featured Book “Lions of Big Cat Rescue”
  9. Christmas Wallpaper: White Tiger
  10. Christmas Wallpaper: Leopards
  11. Christmas Wallpaper: Cougars
  12. Flash Game: Tiger Dress Up
  13. Download Game: Santa Claus Dress Up
  14. Download Game / Craft: Storybook / Coloring book / Nativity scene & Paper Doll
  15. Facebook Cover Photos

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100x100-35 November 2015 Goodies

  1. November’s featured cat story, Teisha
  2. Why we changed her name to Teisha
  3. Teisha health update
  4. What are observation logs and why they are important
  5. Teisha’s 1st perfume tube
  6. What is a perfume tube?
  7. Why does enrichment matter?
  8. Teisha Tiger’s 1st Pumpkin
  9. Do the cats EAT the pumpkins?
  10. Pools For Tigers, about pools and funny stories
  11. Keeper Comments about Teisha
  12. Sponsor / Adopt Teisha
  13. Gift Idea for Kids and Adults
  14. Screensaver – Cats and Pumpkins One
  15. Screensaver – Cats and Pumpkins Two
  16. Screensaver – Cats and Pumpkins Three
  17. Screensaver – CamBu and Pumpkins
  18. Screensaver – Andre, Arthur, Amanda, Bengali, and Pumpkins
  19. Screensaver – Tisha Tiger’s Pumpkin
  20. Screensaver – Nikita Lion’s Pumpkin
  21. Species Fun Facts
  22. Thanksgiving Jokes and Photos
  23. Thanksgiving Greeting pictures for social media sites
  24. Facebook cover photos
  25. Cats with November birthdays
  26. Birthday Greeting pictures for social media sites
  27. Video – Going to Ohio to pick up Teisha
  28. Video – Teisha’s first time in her pool photo & video
  29. Video – Enrichment Catnip
  30. Video – November birthday cats getting treats
  31. Video – Previous Birthdays video collection
  32. Video – Thanksgiving video collection
  33. 2016 Big Cat Calendar
  34. Big Cat Gift Shop sales
  35. How to donate to the cats AT NO COST to you
  36. Thanksgiving Quotes & Sayings on cat photos
  37. Did you know?

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Alex Tiger October 2015 Goodies

The featured cat for October is Alex Tiger

  1. October’s Featured Cat’s Story
  2. Short video of Alex playing with his Spice bag
  3. Keeper Comments about Alex
  4. How to Sponsor / adopt Alex Tiger
  5. Species Fun Facts
  6. NEW Magazine Style format unveiled for the Big Cat Times Fall Edition
  7. World Animal Day Screensaver featuring 32 close-up photos of various cats at Big Cat Rescue
  8. Big Cats and Pumpkins screensaver featuring 19 photos of big cats playing with pumpkins
  9. Big Cat Wallpaper for your computer, tablet and phone.
  10. World Animal Day Video
  11. FREE Big Cat Books
  12. Halloween Jokes
  13. Fun Decorated Halloween Pix we will post on Facebook as Halloween Greetings.
  14. Halloween Big Cat Facebook Cover Photos

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photo of a white tiger named zabu September 2015 Goodies

The featured cats for September 2015 is Cambu.

  1. Free “Cambu Gets A New Toy” Screensaver
  2. Free “Cambu Gets A New Toy” Wallpaper
  3. September Big Cat Facts: Lion and White Tiger
  4. Bio Info for Cameron and Zabu

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photo of a lion named Joseph August 2015 Goodies

The featured cat for August 2015 is Joseph Lion.

  1. Free Joseph Lion Screensaver
  2. Free Joseph Lion Wallpaper

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