Nikita’s Pumpkin Screensaver

Nikita’s Pumpkin Screensaver

This free big cat screensaver has 18 photos of Nikita Lion with her pumpkins at Big Cat Rescue. Below you will see thumbnails of the photos in the screensaver.  Below that you can choose whether to download the screensaver format for your computer, Windows or Mac.

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100x100-22 PLEASE NOTE:

These files ARE CLEAN and do NOT contain any viruses, malware, adware, or spyware.

100x100-22 This screensaver is available for both Windows PC and Mac OS.  Be sure to download the correct one for your computer.  The download links are located below the photo thumbnails.


Download Instructions:

Simply click on the appropriate download link and choose to save it to your computer.

100x100-22 Installation Instructions:

After the download is complete simply double click on the file. The professional easy to use installer will walk you through step by step how to install this beautiful screensaver.

100x100-22 Download Free Screensaver for Mac OS:

On the Mac you might get the following message “Install NikitaLionsPumpkins” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.  It did it for me, too. Because my Mac Security preference is set to only allow installation from the Mac store, I had to turn that off to install, and then turn it back on afterward.

Screensaver file for Mac is 13.6 mb –  Install NikitaLionsPumpkin

100x100-22 Download Free Screensaver for Windows PC:

Please note that many browsers will automatically assume an .exe file is a dangerous file because it us an executable file.  However, this .exe file is simply the screensaver install file and it will NOT to anything wacky to your computer and it does NOT have anything malicious in it.

Download Screensaver file for Windows is 12.9 mb – Install NikitaLionsPumpkin Screensaver

100x100-22 PLEASE, We WELCOME YOUR Feedback

Please use the comments section at the bottom of this page to:

  • Give us feedback on this screensaver
  • Tell us if it is too big, too small, to slow, too fast, too many photos, not enough photos, too wide, not wide enough, too tall, not tall enough, etc
  • Let us know if you want more of these

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