FREE Child Identification Safety Kit Program

This is a very complete free child identification safety kit. It is more complete than so many others out there on the market selling for expensive prices. Many organizations charge big dollars to create DNA kits. You can avoid that expense by properly creating and preserving your own DNA kit and we tell you how. In America an average of 2,000 children are reported missing every day. When a child goes missing giving the police complete and accurate information QUICKLY can be a challenge! Critical minutes are often wasted gathering information. Having this information pre-printed and UP-TO-DATE will save valuable time in getting the search started!

The faster the police get the information they need to start the faster an Amber Alert can be issued. It does take time for police to ask questions, you to answer and the officer to write them down. Imagine how many minutes can be saved if you have a typed printout to hand the officer with all the information he is going to ask you. Those saved minutes are very important. Getting an Amber Alert issued even a few minutes more quickly can greatly increase the chances of a safe return of your child.

PLEASE, take the time now to be prepared, just in case! Those saved minutes can make a difference.

Summer 2012 Special Offer:

During the summer of 2012 we will be waiving the customization fees. That means you can have your name, address, photo, logo, website link, and information about your organization included into the program free of charge. Giving a Child ID Safety Kit to your customers or clients is far more personal than the typical logo ink pen or calendar.

Why Is This Program Free? (For Personal Use)

  • Child safety should not be an expensive option; every family should have peace of mind regarding their child’s safety.
  • It is a gift to our website visitors.
  • Our website link is in the bottom to invite you to visit our main website,

The Child Safety Kit

As our gift to you, the following items are included in this free child ID safety kit:

  1. Dental chart / record
  2. Finger print chart
  3. Police information form
  4. Medical information form
  5. Fill in info once and four Pocket ID Cards are automatically generated
  6. Special needs instructions (if the child or mentally impaired adult has any special needs)
  7. Instructions to create your own DNA kit & how properly preserve it
  8. Missing Child / Missing Person Poster Maker
  9. Amber Alert info and how to get one issued
  10. Safety tips to help keep your child safer
  11. What to do tips if your child goes missing
  12. A resources list & helpful links

Download Link: Setup_BCR_Child_ID_2010.exe ( This file is very small, 1.2 mb )

  1. Click on the download link above
  2. Choose to “SAVE” the file Or “SAVE AS” or “SAVE TARGET AS” (Do NOT click RUN)
  3. Remember where you save the file to on your computer

Install Instructions: ( VERY EASY )

  1. Find where you saved / downloaded the file to.
  2. Double click it to start it
  3. Follow on-screen instructions

What exactly does the install do to my computer?

  1. It automatically unzips the program
  2. It creates a folder on your hard drive called “Child_Safety_Program”
  3. It copies one file into that folder.
  4. It puts a shortcut on your programs Start>Programs menu called Big Cat Rescue>Child Safety Program
  5. That’s it
  6. Nothing is is done that can mess up your computer.

How Does the Program Work / How Do I Use It?

  1. To open the program click START>PROGRAMS>Big Cat Rescue>Child Safety Program
  2. When the program opens there is a scroll bar on the right hand side of the program’s window
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, to find the program’s navigation buttons
  4. Use those buttons to navigate the program
  5. Everything in the program is self-explanatory
  6. Fill in all blanks
  7. Print all forms
  8. Follow instructions to build & preserve your own DNA kits
  9. Update the photo, dental info twice per year
  10. Keep the medical info sheets current, as that info changes

What Supplies Do I Need?

  1. Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7
  2. Keyboard
  3. Mouse
  4. Printer
  5. Plain white paper
  6. scissors to cut ID cards apart
  7. Good quality Zip lock bags to store items in
  8. Cotton balls or swabs for DNA collection

Sponsor A Child Safety Project – Project Ideas:

If you are going to do a school, day care, church or community project where you would like to offer this program to families free, please contact us and let us know of your project and we might have some suggestions for you. If you want to distribute it on CD-ROM free, please contact us first and we can send you special files for putting the CD-ROM.

  • PTA School events
  • Classroom projects
  • Church events
  • Community Events
  • Local Fairs
  • Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts Projects
  • Day care / Child care Fairs
  • Library events
  • National Night Out Projects
  • Neighborhood Association Projects


Can I Resell This Program?

  • NO, it was created for us by one of our AdvoCats with the understanding that is not to be passed on for re-sell purpose, etc.
  • You may not sell or charge people for the program, it MUST be offered as a free item, no exceptions.
  • OPTIONAL: IF you want your organization’s name, logo and email link added into the program, we can do that.

Can I Post This Program On My website?

  • MAYBE. You must first contact us and if we approve your website you will be given permission. We only allow websites that are family friendly and that are not in conflict with our mission.
  • NOTE: You cannot charge for people to download it. It MUST be offered as a COMPLETELY FREE download. You cannot offer it as a free bonus for other purchases. It must be offered as an entirely free download. You cannot make any changes to the program at all.
  • OPTIONAL: IF you want your organization’s name, logo and email link added into the program, we can do that.

Can I give a copy to my relative or personal friend?

  • Yes. You are encouraged to give away copies to your friends and family.

Can I Have This Program Customized, Co-Branded etc?

  • YES, we can co-brand and customize this program for your organization, IF, your organization does not conflict with BCR’s mission. There is normally a fee for this service but during the summer of 2012 that fee can be waived.

What Can I Have Customized?

We can add the following items to the program for you.

  • Your organization’s name, logo, address, phone number, & website URL
  • Change the color scheme on most of the screens to match your organization’s colors
  • An “About” screen containing information about your organization
  • One to Five photos(jpg or png format) highlighting your organization (number of photos allowed depends on how much space your “About” text takes up.
  • Names, addresses, phone numbers, website URLs of your local law enforcement and community organizations

How To Get A Customized Co-Branded Version:

  • Contact us at this email address: and tell us about your organization. Permission can usually be given rather quickly if your organization is approved.

How Will I Receive My Co-Branded Customized Version?

  • After your item is completed we will create a special web page for you and post the file (or files) there for you to download. You will simply download the file (or files) and burn it (or them) onto a CD-ROM. IF, that is not possible for you to do, then we can work with you to burn a master CD-ROM and mail it to you that you can then copy.


IF, the volunteer doing you co-branding has the time, a handful or our online games can be added to your co-branded version.


  • You cannot, under any circumstances, use this program for profit.
  • The Co-Branding service fee being waived is dependant on if the volunteer doing the customization has enough time to create your custom version.

Copyright Notices: This little program is NOT freeware.  It also is NOT public domain.  This program was created by a Big Cat Rescue Advocat and it is her personal creation and she holds the copyrights to the program and everything in it.  Big Cat Rescue has been granted full rights to use and share this program with you for your personal use only. You MAY use it for personal use, free school projects, free church projects, for free child safety fair, etc as long as our name is not removed from the program and there is an easy to see poster stating you got the program from us and notify us of your use of the program to get pre-approval to use it.  You MAY give a copy of it to your personal friends and family. You may NOT sell it. You may NOT post it on any website unless the website has been pre-approved.  You may NOT include it in any collection without our permission etc.  If you ask for permission we will most likely give it, but you must ask before posting this program.